A Sustainable Teacher Residency:

Designing Paid Internships for Teacher Education

John E. Henning 

Monmouth University 

Bernard F. Bragen, Jr. 

Monmouth University 

Tracey Mulvaney 

Monmouth University 

William O. George, III 

Middletown Township Public School


The purpose of this case study research is to describe how one teacher preparation program constructed a pilot program to compensate teacher candidates for their work in school classrooms. The program provides teacher candidates with opportunities to work in schools year-round, including semester breaks, the months of May and June, and in extended year programs during the summer. The program is intended to replace part time work outside of education with work in P-12 school classrooms that better prepares teacher candidates for their teaching careers. Forty-one participants volunteered for the program during spring semester 2017. This study reports on initial data collected five months after the pilot began in the fall semester, 2017. Data was collected through interviews and surveys of teacher candidates and interviews with supervisors. The findings indicate that participants spent more time in schools, felt more confident about teaching and better prepared to teach, and would recommend the program to others.  

Henning, J.E., Bragen, B.F., Mulvaney,T., & George, W.O., III. (2018) A sustainable teacher residency: Designing paid internships for teacher education. School-University PartnershipsThe Journal of the National Association for Professional Development Schools 11(1)Retrieved from https://napds.org/member-only-resources/

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