The Importance of Minority Teachers by Cherng & Halpin

In the article, The Importance of Minority Teachers: Student perceptions of minority versus white teachers, the article was relatively easy to find once a website that had a pdf available was accessed. The first and probably most distracting thing I saw while reading was the amount of citations and references to other sources. While that is usually a sign of credibility and research, the hyperlinks in every other sentence was distracting to say the very least. The quality of the article, however was great. There are a lot of statistics and studies that truly delved into minority teachings and how minority students and minority teachers can affect the way information is taught and how comfortable students feel in the educational environment. Not only does the source explain the why’s and how’s of the superiority of minority teaching, but it does not invalidate the teachings of white teachers, more so, it exposes the evidence that minority teachers have more “multicultural awareness” and have either experienced or witnessed the limitations put on students based on ethnicity or race.

With this experience, minority teachers can avoid stereotyping and help the student based on learning preferences rather than their race.  The only other thing that made me feel uncertain about the accuracy of this article was that if it were being used for teaching in today’s classroom, many of the sources are from 2008 or prior, although in some cases, using data from that far back may help to demonstrate how we have either evolved or digressed over the decade of information. 


Kayla Cubillos

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