President Obama’s humiliation over the next two years will be a mild exercise in public discipline.  It will be a lengthy spanking for the millions of voters who mistook fandom for political organization. Would a McCain-Palin or Romney-Ryan administration have been as ineffective in moving senior citizens to the polls or persuading Washington mediainsiders to carry their message nationwide?  It is hard to imagine so.  Democrats may as well have been singing “M-I-C-K-E-Y O-B-A-M-A” over the last four years. Ambushed for passing healthcare legislation and excoriated for foreign policy mistakes, the Obama administration failed repeatedly to hold public attention on their numerous accomplishments.  The President was a candidate created by the hopes of older, white voters in Iowa and the energy of young, gay, Latino, and African American volunteers.  This coalition has failed to mobilize their Internet engagement into effective governance or policymaking.  As a result, President Obama will carry a legacy of unfulfilled promise compounding the outright failures of his predecessor.




It is time to admit that the President has more in common with his 2008 opponent’s Vice-Presidential nominee than his supporters could acknowledge earlier.  His brief time in the United States Senate did not provide him adequate preparation to combat the complete subversion he encountered moments after his inauguration.  With the election of the new Congress, he will be forced into a subordinate posture by unending investigations from the House of Representative and constant rejection of his federal and Cabinet nominees by the Senate.  The cackling glee of Speaker John Boehner and ascendant Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as they shackle and imprison the President within their vision of a prostrate executive office is already palpable.




This moment is the nascent rebirth of the Confederacy.  No, the red horde is even larger than that specter.  The organized, local will of rural communities from Montana and Utah through Virginia and Florida dwarfs even the peaks of the Second Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s.  The deportation of immigrants, the elimination of the social safety net, and the recommitment to the United States as a global, military order threaten to overtake the national agenda.  It is a potential resurgence of former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s politics of fear and compliance on a scale Richard Nixon would envy.  Call it the Green Scare.  Where the Greatest Generation investigated Congress and Hollywood for sheltering Communists in the middle of the twentieth century, today, militarized police forces can move forward with public executions and mass incarceration to secure the sanctity of global conglomerates and their billionaire shareholders.




For hundreds of millions barely preserving their homes, meals, and lives, debt and compliance are the only shields from the most pernicious abuses.  Silence becomes the only reliable protection. This suffering is the cost of hope denied.  This crucifixion is the price of naïve failure.  Expect nothing from your government, your community, or your neighbor.  You have only yourself to blame for whatever consequences occur in your life.  Soon, there will be no public schools, no unions, andno taxes.  It will be an idyllic, freehold republic – as the Constitution intended from the beginning.


Choices and consequencesChoices and consequences

Author: waltergreason1

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