RELEASE: What if Mary had a Daughter? (28 November 12)





Jiba Molei Anderson and Walter Greason pose a difficult question.  How would our world be different, if Christ had been a woman?


Imagining a world where the last 2000 years unfolded around the growth of Catholic and Protestant churches with women as both the political and symbolic leaders spurs limitless possibilities.  Patriarchy certainly existed before the church did, but the central authority that bolstered the assumption that men were natural leaders, or more directly connected to divinity, influenced ideas about civilization, theology, philosophy, and history.  We believed that men led and women followed.  We still struggle to challenge this idea in too many places around the world.


THE HOLY BIBLE: DIGNITY AND DIVINITY provides a crucial tool to correct this resilient imbalance.  Anderson and Greason reimagine Old Testament stories, too, but the second half of the book explores that celebration of woman as Christ in full flower.  From the Nativity to the Resurrection, Isis (substituting for the masculine ‘Jesus’) teaches and inspires millions with familiar miracles given new meaning.


Traditions of representing ‘the greatest story ever told’ stretch back centuries.  In the last two hundred years, there have been several controversies on the depiction of the Nazarene as an American Indian, East Asian, or African American.  Similarly, images of the Virgin Mary have continually been reinterpreted in ways that outraged or inspired various audiences.  This book takes the next step forward in this process to open the debate on the relationship between gender, faith, leadership, and race.


Copies of the book are available through and for 99 cents each.  Posters are available through Griot Comics for $2 each, $15 for the entire set of 8.


For community centers, churches, classrooms, and homes, THE HOLY BIBLE: DIGNITY AND DIVINITY brings inspirational messages that change people’s lives.


For more information, please contact Walter Greason (


Joseph cradling the baby, Isis, as the three wise women offer their gifts.
Joseph cradling the baby, Isis, as the three wise women offer their gifts.



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