BONUS: Two Views on Election 2012

The End of the Confederacy
Dr. Walter Greason
Freehold, New Jersey
9 November 2012



Speaker #1 (Topeka, Kansas)


To My Dear Colleagues in Service to the Lost Cause,


We have held fast to the tradition and stood unyielding against six full generations of sustained assaults from the radical, Black Republicans.  From the beginnings of the great republic, we steered a course to preserve individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness through the acquisition of property.  We lost the Civil War, but persevered to win the subsequent peace.  Our core principles of moral rectitude, devout piety, and racial purity survived to define the civilization’s continued progress for another 100 years.  Even as we changed our political identity – abandoning the corrupted brand of the Democratic Party between 1948 and 1968, at great cost to our hearts and ideological heritage – we rallied under the banner of conservative Republicanism and spread our free market ideas to every corner of the globe over the last forty years.


At the very core of our being, we understand that Christianity, European heritage, and benevolent patriarchy have produced the more exceptional conditions of human freedom ever conceived through our practice of common sense fiscal stewardship.  Government has been, and will always be, a necessary evil.  The only positive good in this world is the drive for extraordinary individuals to distinguish themselves from the majority of misdirected and confused humanity.  From time immemorial, the forces of mysticism and demagoguery stymied any effort towards reasoned excellence.  In Asia, in Africa, among the indigenous hordes worldwide, emotion drives an uncritical, unthinking view of democracy.  This thoughtless, reactive vision now has the power to end the greatest institution in human accomplishment – the American capitalist world-system.


We must turn now – more than ever before – to our constant champions.  Laura Ingraham, Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Jim DeMint, Michelle Malkin, Paul Ryan, Rudy Guiliani, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachman must carry us forward into a new day.  Conservatism is no longer enough.  It is not longer sufficient to tolerate conversation with an opposition that denies the very legitimacy of traditional liberty.  We must seize our true mantle.  We are Confederates – always have been, always will be.  Individual and state liberty must rise again in the face of these Obamunists.  We destroyed the radical insurgency of the late 1960s.  We crushed socialists and their friends in the early 1950s.  We eliminated every threat to our moral and racial character in the early 1920s.  The battle is not lost.  This moment remains ours to marshal our resources and turn the tide back against this perversion of America that came forth in the Election of 2012.


In every state from Idaho to Georgia, we have the governors, the legislatures, the police, and the schools to craft a true America for the twenty-first century.  The radical brownshirts have targeted our children by using the Internet to harass them in their schools and threaten their future job prospects.  Failing so-called conservatives like Chris Christie, Jon Huntsman, John McCain, David Frum, David Brooks, Mitt Romney must be abandoned as charlatans who have provided the opportunity for our civilization to end.  We still control the industrial and information economies that control the world.  We must use this power with both strategic and tactical force to decimate our enemies in Iran, Russia, and China.  We will remind our allies in Europe and Latin America that our vision and will cannot be questioned.


In a decade, this unhappy moment will be but a forgotten footnote in the grand narrative of heroes who maintain life, liberty, and prosperity as the birthright of every white, Christian man who appreciates the breath of life God gives us everyday.  Rally to this cause today, brothers and sisters in the Revolutionary tradition of our Forefathers.  Stand up for your Constitution for the sake of your children and grandchildren now.



Speaker #2 (Denver, Colorado)


To All Americans,


We have finally come to a new day.  For 236 years, we have struggled to come to the moment when the most superficial aspects of our identities do not dictate the possibilities of our dreams.  No longer does religion dictate the appropriate knowledge for our learning.  No longer does race designate millions of people as property.  No longer does gender turn our homes into prisons.  No longer does sexuality force people to lie about their love.  We have come to the day when science, equality, passion, and integrity allow all of us to have the best lives we can build for ourselves and for each other.


The election on November 6 was just a symbol of this progress.  Our cities and suburbs across the country have embraced the principles in the Constitution and applied them to build better neighborhoods, schools, and universities.  Too often, though, our statehouses and the federal Congress have resisted the conditions that produced greater inclusion in these institutions.  Too often, we have forgotten to defend the changes we chose by maintaining pressure on our judges and legislatures to craft a new vision of democracy for a new American people.  Our political awakening must transform every community and every law, so we do not return to the dark days when conformity was the core national principle.


Our agenda for human liberation must stretch into every corner of North America.  The United States, Canada, and Mexico have crafted an economic network that facilitates an exchange of ideas and values for the future of all three nations.  Metropolitan areas from BosWash to Cascadia illustrate the ways diverse, inclusive communities pioneer twenty-first century lifestyles that make working efficient, provide ample recreation time, and offer plenty of dietary and medical resources for every individual genetic identity.  Every faith, including faith in science and reason, has a place in the social discourse.  Families fluidly include members of different races and sexualities.  Women are as likely to be governors, senators, CEOs, and presidents as they are to be home makers and care givers.


Our policies and laws must now expand this transformation to every small town and rural region to solidify a new standard of living for all people.  The federal government requires stable, consistent revenue streams to provide the essential services we created for ourselves in the twentieth century.  The progressive tax rates (capped at 40% for earners over $500,000 a year) in combination with closing costly corporate tax exemptions (and a regressive corporate tax rate capped at 18% for businesses earning less than $5 million a year [lowest rate 10%]) will generate enough revenue to rebuild our roads and bridges.  It will increase school standards nationwide and provide the resources for teacher development in grades K-20.  With better infrastructure and education, entrepreneurship (social and private) will surge.  Assets will grow worldwide as the North American population expands infrastructure in the most neglected parts of Latin America, Asia, and Africa.  Our investments today will make the twenty-first century prosperous beyond imagination.


The first step is aggressive engagement with those who feel most suspicious and ostracized by these processes of growth.  We need to identify and engage the rural communities across the Sunbelt and Mountain West.  Phone calls, emails, short videos, and interactive games must move to include white, straight, Christian men in several processes, so that all of us can teach and learn together.  Entertainers, activists, scholars, and politicians must come together to follow the examples of Tim Wise, Peggy McIntosh, Taylor Swift, and Bill Bradley.  James Cone’s lessons of theology can become the foundations of the American evangelical movement.  Sonia Nieto’s concepts of student-centered education and Martha Nussbaum’s understanding of human capacities provide foundations for a new and united people worldwide.


Bringing these ideas to rural areas will revitalize the promise of democracy for the entire world over the next 250 years.  Terrorism will become as unthinkable as nuclear, world war has become.  Greed, usury, and poverty will be even more inefficient and abhorrent.  Hunger will become a myth.  Nutrition will be unquestioned.  Productivity will transcend all expectations.  The pursuit of happiness will be easier for us all.

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